I take a bus to college every day, and I’ve seen some pretty messed up stuff. Even though I’m a experienced guy I never thought I’d see something as disgusting as I saw a few weeks ago. I can’t take that memory out of my mind so I’ve decided to write it as a blog, instead of my usual poem.

I was taking a random bus (not the school bus) on a long trip and as always i sat in the back. Next to me there was a nerdy dude named Henrique, who was trying hard to make small talk with me, giving me the impression that he was “training” small talk. As the conversation went on, a handsome girl tried to get in the bus without paying, but got caught and immediately started to cry. I could clearly see how Henrique’s eyes couldn’t stop staring at her, impressed by her beauty, and as I imagined he would do, he paid for her ticket.

She sat next to us and in the first 5 minutes chatted with me and her savior, who was clearly making an enormous effort to keep up with the conversation and eventually get her number. As I liked the guy, I’ve decided to let him have the glory and kept my mouth shut, only saying something when he couldn’t think of anything to say, to help him. When It felt like they wanted to stay together, I got up and went to another seat, from where I could see them hugging, not kissing yet. Only a few times I’ve seen someone as happy as that guy was… It was clear to me that he never had such a pretty girl in his arms, about to kiss him. I was happy for him, he was a cool dude and deserved that. Little did I knew…

Before they kissed a tall, blonde thug got in the bus and sat next to the “couple”, playing loud Rap Music on his cell phone and disturbing everyone in the vehicle. As soon as he saw the girl he started to flirt with her, to what I responded “Cut it off, dude, girl’s got a boyfriend!” being promptly ignored. PLOT TWIST: She liked it!!!!!!

It only took a few seconds before she jumped to the seat next to the thug and started making out with him. In a few minutes she was with her hand in the guy’s pants and next, as the bus was almost empty, she decided to use her mouth (I’m sorry about telling you that, but that’s the reason why it got stuck on my head). And no, this is not an usual thing for me…

So yeah, that’s the bullshit world we live in!!!

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    Sounds like she may be a nymphomaniac. Troubled females often act out sexually. You were properly repelled, but I think there was a lot of mental illness in that young woman than you realize. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that she is a victim of child abuse, or a rape victim.

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