1. i admitted that i could handle my drugs and that i was master over my life.

2. I decided to run my own life and be successful in all my undertakings.

3. i believed that i was sane and rational in all my undertakings.

4. made a thorough and searching inventory of my fellow man and found him wanting.

5. admitted to no one, including God, that there was anything wrong with me.

6. sought through drugs and alcohol to remove all my responsibilities and to escape from the realities of life.

7. got loaded to remove all these shortcomings.

8. made a list of all the people who had harmed me whether real or imagined and swore that i would get them.

9. got even when possible except when to do so would further injure me.

10. continued to find fault with the world and all the people in it and when i was right promptly admitted it.

11. sought through lying and cheating and stealing to improve myself at the expense of my fellow man and only for the means of geting loaded and staing loaded.

12. after having a complete moral, physical and financial breakdown as a result of this kind of living, i tried to drag those who were dear to me to this level and to practice these reasonings in all my affairs.

I added this for those of you who are truly struggling with the NA way of life. think abojut where you are in your program and where you could be if you were living life the NA way. stay clean and be good to yourself.

Na hugs and love,



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