I’m ready for a change.

I imagine a place in time where all will be just right and okay; Someday. I pray to any who is willing to grant my wish, I wish for a time in my life where I can dent the universe and be one ( the number odd ).

My mom never understood why I am the way. It’s not like she never even tries to ask why I think the way I do. maybe I cant change a person’s mind someday with a book and speak of my struggles like ” My 13th  Winter”, a very good book by the way.

I am starting a business busy even though this chaos mentally I’m going through. The thing is called Amway a.k.a. America Way. So, I’ll be going on a trip in two weeks leaving home and looking for my own path.

I’m ready for a change for myself & my future. I want a change. I want a better life that I am so sure I can find. God sent my soul mate when I needed him more and he showed me the way like what love feels like and the life we can have.

I am so grateful for the every day I am granted with.

Some of you might think something like if I am so grateful and have a person a soul mate already, why am I still here.

I’m not sure myself. Probably my anxiety attack that I don’t fully know how to control and he is not always there to help me or even know how, but he tries that’s what matters.

I’m the black one in the crowd of white, and yet the odd number one. It’s hard being different and it is not your fault, it’s just that the world isn’t ready for you yet.

So Dear The World,

After I’m …


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