I feel overwhelmed at work today. I've started taking over the accounts payable and payroll side as well as my main job as receptionist/secretary/administration manager. It's alot on my plate, i know i can handle it but its just days like today that really make me stop and ask wtf did u get urslf into now? So we have a woman, a co worker, who comes in like once a week and does the 'accounting' stuff. And she's the one thats been kinda teachin me how to do all this stuff. Well i came into work today and sitting on my desk is this stack of bills and other stuff w/ all notes attached like…"call on this and find out what this is about", "do you know what this is" "what is this and how do u handle it" and i am just kinda sitting here reading all these notes and am like, I DONT KNOW i jsut started this shit! I dont know the way things are done here, i dont know if a bill is 'normal' isn't that her place to decide that because i've never SEEN a bill for it before. So … I dunno i just know myself and when i feel overwhelmed i'll kinda shut down…i wont do any of it. 🙁 I know i have to take 1 thing at a time but each thing i look at i dont even know where to begin because I dont know what it is! She's supposed to be helping me learn not just sticking it on my desk saying, here figure out what all of it means. Earlier this week I was doing payroll and she kept saying stuff on how to do something and i was like no if you do it this way blah blah and basically we got into this lil arguement and it was really fucking annoying. Like w/ things like payroll, i've got that shit down…so leave me 2 it. But then w/ things like this that I dont know if the bills are correct or whatever…she leaves me w/ … so if i fuck it up … then what!?

Ne ways, ill quit my bellyaching.

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  1. bigtruck9449 15 years ago

    i would just look at this as a test of if you can do it without assistance and take the innitiative, that word is prolly spelled wrong…lol, if you do it right, awesome!! if you mess something up, then just say, "hey, i dont normally do this stuff and i obviously wasnt taught enough to do it on my own", but, im sure u can handle it!

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