I was at home two days ago in the evening and the buzzer went on the front door intercom. I'm the third floor flat. Visitors are rare. Only two people, besides my landlord, know my address and they always call first before coming. The only other times people come are deliveries and gas and electric readings but they usually come in the morning. 

I usually don't bother but this time I make a mistake and answer the intercom

me: Hello?

visitor: Hello mate,  I hear you have some wheels for sale.

me: Sorry, wheels what?

visitor: My mate said you had some wheels for sale.

I'm not sure even whether he means actual wheels or a car? and assume he means a car. But I don't have either.

 me: Sorry I don't have a car, let alone one for sale.

visitor: Oh ok, bye.

I put down the intercom

Twenty minutes later another buzz.

 me: Hello.

visitor: Hello mate, are you sure you don't have any wheels for sale. White wheels. Come down and let's talk?

me: sorry what I really don't have car, I don't even drive.

visitor: No I mean wheels not a car. Four wheels.

me: No

visitor: Listen mate, I heard from my friend. I know you have these wheels. 

me: ?

vistor: Look the truth is mate he saw you steal the wheels from my car and I want them back. Come down, let's talk about it.

me: I really don't have your wheels. Please go away. 

visitor: Please just come down, let me see your face so I know you aren't the one who did it.

vistor: Or put your head out the window so we can see who you are. What floor are you on?

No way am I telling them or even let them see me, I put down the intercom.

Another half hour or so later they come back buzz me again.

visitor (same person): Hello mate, is this flat number one? 

me: no flat three.

visitor: sorry wrong person, bye.

The end. 

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  1. Heatwavegirl 13 years ago

    Damn, that had to be stressful!! I was getting anxious just reading about it.

    I'm glad they finally realized they had the wrong person and left you alone.

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