This weight,

Strapped tightly

‘Round my neck till I

Can’t breathe.

The industrial sized chain,

Binds my body

Pulls me down.

Barefoot and broken

Through these streets I wander.

Clanking and dragging

This weight I’ve known

So long.

Each step heavier then the last

Each breath harder to draw.

Tiny eyes peer

From softly lit windows.

Fear embraces their once joyous faces.

Look at me!!

Monster of destruction,

Of disaster.

With the touch of Midas,

I ruin all I touch.

The ground around my feet cracks and breaks.

From deep with in comes

Primal screams of pain and loneliness.

Through this world I walk

Blindly bound to these chains

That separate you from me.

Death is eminent.

copyright 2008 Jade Clark
all rights reserved


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