Many things are going on and I don’t feel like I have the time to write, yet I do have the time for my rituals, funny isn’t it?!  Anyway, I feel bad when I can’t write and even kind of guilty, but someimes it is pretty hard to even cope with that. I have been busy from sometime in April to now June.  Since Nick and Mary have moved back we are usually covered with plaster, me shoveling, and sweeping, a lot!  The roof is being replaced as we write and speak, little by little, but it is coming through.  Not an easy task considering there were about 7 layers of the old stuff on there, including the wood which is being replaced as well. The most cruicial things are being done till the end of fall, but most likely things will have to be continued next year as well.  The family gets tired as well as dirty, but we are all bonding and growing strong as a family!  An older radio that the CD part does not work, but a modern version of yellow and sponge bobs tongue sticking side ways keeeps me company with the old classic rock station of songs.  Many a time I have Alexis to keep me company and keep an eye over, my daughters chocolate coker spanel. And she is full of life and joy.  I know she is put here to keep me comapny and teach this old girl a thing or two. Funny cause my spirit does not feel old. I think back and it becomes 1976. I wish I could go back and change so so many things. I would take all the mistakes away, but I cannot do that! So, I just reflect back when I can, but try to consentrate on the now, no matter how hard things seem to be. The copeing and the rituals I think, if only I did not have those things that complicate life even the more!


This month with the garden out the first one anyway, my main one, and one more that might get filed in. I have started many a tomatoes on my own.  They look, some of them anyway, to have flowers on them, same goes for many of my pikcles.  It is a pure joy to watch!  Just today I was inside the garden and put some same with small little stones in it.  In the far end back I plan to put sweet potatoes but it got real hot with the noon sun so after that I retreated to the sun goes down, anyway.  I kind of over did it and bought about 50m plants that came kind of late but for Missouri it needs to be rather hot, I suppose. If we do the second garden I will try to put some more tomatoes that out neighbor is more than happy to give us. I think he got actually more anxious then me snd has another 400 plants left!  He himself has put out many a garden.  Kind of funny I guess, we will be planting from one end to our village to the other.


My  HIGHLIGHT  this month is " MY BABBYSITTING DUTY."   My daughter and her fiance are going up to Illinois to her fiances graduation from University. I was unable to go with my family, but I do have the priveledge of taking care of Alexis and of course grandmama Sasarou  as I call her or just Sasy. Both are a joy for me!  Of course I did have to step into the garden earlier as I said and came back soaking from the suns rays even though it was a short time. And in betwee my girl called saying she had some car trouble. I suppose the oil had gone dry without them realizing it. Ahe needed to call dad to ask him some questions about it.  So I looked up the telephome number for the house that he was painting only to get off the phone with her and returning onto it again.  Well, I have some bad news I told her. I was suppose to feed Alexis at about 5pm or 6-7pm. Not with dad there cause he gives her a little table food which seems more tasty for Alexis’ taste buds. I will have to worry about taming two wild animals I told my daughter Maryanna just a minute ago!  The line had to open back up and I was JUST LAUGHING AWAY!  It is my fault I told my daughter and as I was laughing I said guess what? I must of been in the garden when it hapened and as my back was turned Alexis ate Sasarous Kitty Food.  I just kept laughing away!  I told you, my daughter said, she is just like a kid when your back is turned!  That was the highlight of my day today. Funny how the simple things remind us how wonderful our visit here on earth is. Please don’t forget anout your simple moments, even when chaos wins over with the rituals, it is still——-ALL WORTH IT! 


Have a blessed and wonderful day and take care of yourselves, Love, Ekaterini-Kathy

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  1. buffster 12 years ago

    \..hi Kathy & nice to see you surface’ve been missed hun..I know you must be in "nana" heaven right now *american slang for "grandma"* whether its for 2 or 4 legged grandchildren ha..I’m so happy things are beginning to improve within your family & the "bonding" over the roofing job is the conduit which is making this happen..good luck with the tomatoes & being able to sell them on the farmer’s market up there as I remember it every saturday morning when I lived up there & it always seemed just so very quaint..btw you got some storms heading your way now *skies just cleared off here now* which should help cool thing off ‘for you..have a wonderful rest of the week yourself as well..\

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