Today I walked to pick up my lunch. On my way back I was walking and browsing on my Blackberry. I looked up and saw a girl I knew walk past me. I turned around to see if it was her because she didn't say hi. At first she didn't even recognise me. Then she says Billy?" wow you look normal!" LOL normal? I don't think this chick ever saw me sober so she was pretty shocked. To boot, I happened to run into her in front of the Liqour store. She must have said it like 4 times that I looked normal. I told her I was sober and she said I looked great. All in one piece not staggering or fighting. It felt really good to hear that.  That put a great smile on my face and boosted my confidense in my sobriety.

The other night I  stopped in a bar/resturant I used to goto.(to most probally not a good idea, yes I know it can be dangerous butI don't stay long and only go there for a reason and leave when I am done.) SO I stoppped in to saysay hi to a couple of friends. Older friends like in there 50's who have'nt seen me in months. They too were shocked. A guy looked me in the face and said. WOW your eyes are so clear. They aren't red or puffy or pinned! He also said that about 4 or 5 times but he was drinking. I was thinking to my self wow this guy is buzzed and noticed that. I must have been a wreck when I was in that bar before. We had some ribs and I went home.

I could never believe before that being sober would be so good, so much fun. It is hard but it is worth it and eventually becomes easier. On the 13th I will be 8 months in and proud.

HAve a good day


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