So, the topic of this blog is going to rapidly change a few times because I have many things on my mind but I also want to go back upstairs to the AC. Brace yourself.

The psychologist still hasn't called me down. I think I'm gonna take the inicitive to make an appointment myself, considering it's pretty much the last week of school. I have tomorrow and Thursday, then Friday is a "Reading Day" in which you review for the Final Exams. \"Surprised\" Monday is also a Reading Day, then Tuesday through Friday I have the Exams. Ughhh. So my life is basically hecktic, but I still want to find the time to meet with this guy. I have created a list of Behaviors for him to look at. So I need to find a class where it's easy and easy to miss, so that we wouldn't be reviewing anything. I think I'll just pick gym, even though that guy's room is RIGHT NEXT to my math classroom, and at the same time as my gym, like everyone I know is in that room and will see me walk in. You know, I think I'm just gonna suck it up. Besides, it's too hot for gym anyway.

I just got an award for History. It's not because I'm good at history though. It's because the teacher likes me best. Seriously. Each teacher picks 3 out of their like 100 students to recognize as plesent (Sp mistake, but I don't care) to have in class, contributes to the class, is a leader, and helps out and stuff. And considering I trade her the Coke points I get for the Pepsi points she gets, I am a good choice for this award.

In English today my teacher told me that the journal I wrote about Anthem was one of the best she has ever heard and she asked the class to give me a round of applause. I was pretty pumped.

It's hot and gross out.

I need to start studying for my exams sooner rather than later.

I hope everyone is doing well.




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