After meeting wonderful people in here, with peacful and open heart, good advises they give, i understand one thing. All of us here need to ask God, the creator of Heaven and Earth what isexpect of us? With some of us, if there is no water onour beds,we will notleave the bed. Somaybe Godhas been calling some of us to no avail until now that we are infected. Can we ask God quastions like this? How do you want me to work? Is it by singing, reaching the poor and widows, preaching, evangelising, healing souls ?

Sometimes we only need to be swallowed by the fish like Jonah in the Bible,before we do thework of God. Do not stop your self with the justification that you are alreadya sinner or that you are not a Jew because that is why Jesus came.The GoodNews is this,He came for you and me, to handus in person the free citizenship to His Kingdom and that we just need tobelieve. If we believe thatGod created theworld with HisWords, then why shouldwe not believe when His only son tells us that there is a better place there than here. And that there is space for everyone.when God wants to use you, He washes you first before using you. Moses was a killer, and God used Him. So dont use your excuses of sins not to serve Him

We need to read His words always toknow Him better. cause iftheEnd of Time comes as Johnsaid inhis revelation,are we ready to enter this New Jerusalem, were there shall be no illness,no hate no worries and so on.

Look, so manythings are happening in the world now that we find it hard to explain. so many natural disasters, wars from left to right. That is why i will say, the killing of an old time enermy who has been lost for long, is no reason to rejoice, cause we dont know how many kids he's got now or trained all over the world. He was just afigure head.We are not save at all, if we have to rely on human help.

are all these things not signs enough for us to turn to our creator? If you have a nokia phone that is bad, who stands a better possition in repairing it? Is it a nokia producer or a motorola producer? Rick warren says ( if a creation is having a problem, take it to its creator)

Look, i dont expect us to become Angels on earth because we awaits End Time, but to do everything for the Glory of God, as though God is right infront of us watching us.Be it at work, in our relationshipsand so onI was abit upset when one of us here wrote a blog on just starting a relationship with another Hiv carrier and was fooled big time.

Hello !!!! How have the HIV changed you? Is it possitively or negatively? Are you healing souls, or hurting more souls?


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