Sunday, to me its the first day of the week,  my door bell rang at 6:30 am to my surprise it was my son and his wife and two baby girls from South Caroina, what a nice visit  we had, we all went out to IHOP for breakfast and started the day  very happy.  I had not seen my son in over a yr, He works for a large power co. In SC and has some type of meeting in Orlando for a few days. How sweet is is that the co. set them up in a nice 4 bedroom 3 bath house in O town while he has to be there all expenses paid WOW nice JOB.  I am so very proud of him, he was a twin and his twin sister lives too In south Carolina, as she has 2 sons, and he has two daughters odd how that worked out!  His daughters are little blond beautys, and my daughters sons have hair dark as coal. I remember when I had the twins my doctor said I should name then day and night, I didnt get that then but he being blue eyed and blond and she being dark hair and dark brown eyes they looked like night and day.  I was way to tired to even figure out what had just happened. TWINS  oh my no one told me I was having  twins I was in shock.  The nurse brought in the children for me to nurse, I was in shock again,  she said heres why you have two breasts  ……………  Oh wow I sure felt like a real cow!!!

Now the twins are 26 married and two children each of there own.. Jeff keeps South Carolina's power grid up and running and Jennifer is a RN  I am truely blessed! And at one time Drs said Id never see my children grow up, let along put them threw college, and have the love of the sweetest grand children in the  world……. I thank The LORD for this beautiful Sunday.

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  1. prettybiggirl 14 years ago

    steph, we are so lucky, wyou have one grandchild up on my 10, I had 4 children in all  the twins, Jamie first born son,  and my last born daughter. yeah 4 children, 10 grand children and the oldest sons wife is due  in Jan. I sure love them babies, and Im also sooooooooooo glad I can go home. take care Vickie

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