No one has to read this. No one probably cares given the fact you barley know me. But I have a lot on my chest, and i guess if anyone has any positive feed back for me that would be nice. I hate venting to the whole world about my problems. I enjoy helping others more usually. But tonight Im breaking down. I cant stand being strong anymore. Theres so many tough life changes going on for me. Theres divorce, moving, and being stuck with a crazy alcholic mom. And yes…you can call me a spoiled brat compared to thouasands of other people out there who are going through way worse, and are at breaking point, yes i know. I could have it even more worse. (Please share if your story of you want.) But I have always been blessed with two parents who loved and cared about me. Sure they fought a lot, but they still cared about me and we were pretty well off. Then shit happended, and things got worse everyday in my family. I found out my mom had an affair and that I wasnt my dads bio kid. I really didnt give a crap because the man who raised me will always be my dad, blood or not blood. But when my dad found out, he left. Hes a broken man. He still is there for me, but nothing will ever be the same. My mom, she cares about her alcohol and stupid meds and selfish needs more than I think she really cares about her kids feelings and lifes. I can barley stand her anymore, shes broke, were getting kicked out soon, and I dont know where im gunna be in a few months. Im scared to death! I have no job or house or car. I struggle in school now (I used to be almost a straight A student), and I try to ingore these worries and pain, but it always comes back haunt me and laugh in my face. I dont know what to do with myself anymore. I dont know what desicions are right or wrong, I dont know if im losing it or what! I dont wanna become a low life, which i think im on the path for. But I can barley make it to school anymore. Im breaking down inside. I need help. But theres barley anywhere to get it. I seriously just needed to get this off my chest. If you read all of this, thankyou for listening. And if you truley have any feedback, it would be appreciated. I just needed to vent.

  1. Stained_Wrists 9 years ago

    you are not a spoiled brat, you have allot on your plate and you ahve every reason to be feeling that way.

    i really dont know what to tell you with your situation, but ill let you know you are not alone. 

    i think you need to have a chat with your mum maybe? tell her your scared?

    i dont know but try your hardest to focus on the poistives. because what you feel inside will reflect on your life on the outside. you deserve all happiness. you will be fine. there are so many people that can help you wherever you end up.

    if you want to talk more, please chat with me. 

    i care,

    stained_wrists xxx

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  2. Andie372 9 years ago

     You're going through a lot right now, no wonder you're feeling depressed.  I'm sorry your Mom is like this, when you deserve someone to love and care for you.  I certainly hope you don't get kicked out of your home.  And wow, that's really mind blowing about you Dad.  Where is your Dad?  Can you go stay with him?  Is there a counselor at school you can talk to?  You could use someone who can understand and appreciate your situation, and maybe find some way to help you.  Vent here as often as you feel the need.  

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  3. soggymoggy 9 years ago

     We all care here and hope you can get the help you need. If you are at school there should be a counsellor who could help or a teacher you like…take that first step and confide in them. Or if you go to a church , synagogue or mosque perhaps you could talk to the leader. You could make an appointment to see your doctor who may refer you to a specialist.  There are AlAnon groups which can help you cope with your mom's problem…you are going through a lot, but remember there are people who care about you and none of this is your fault. Hang in there and vent/journal regularly. Good luck!

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  4. JSPatrick 9 years ago

     I know you feel like you are alone. Talking helps, reach out to people at school and trusted family member.  Your in my prayers….it will get better

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  5. depressednstressed 9 years ago

    I know the feeling about how others have it worse and people may look on you like a spoiled brat because compared to their problems your arent that bad. But you know what I just realised one day that my problems have just as much weight as theirs but on my world so mine arent any less important.

    You need to keep going to school! I've struggled with that myself im actulaly graduating a year late (something that unfortunately haunts and embarrasses me) because the depression just took over and I couldnt do it and I was in an online school so my education really was in my own hands.

    You wont become a low life if you dont let yourself. You are going through so much right now and of course its going to affect you. But you can do this and you will get through it and the good part is yo'll be stronger and more prepared to handle things life will throw at you.

    I'm here and I mean that you can chat with me or message me anytime on here if you ever need advice or to vent and it wont be a burden.. Ive been through divorce, alot of parental disagreements, i had to learn to take care of my brother when i was 9 same year i lost 2 of my grandparents, but I made it through and you will too..

    Stay strong hun

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