As of 2002 there have been over 1500 different identifiable viruses, belonging to 56 different virus families, that have been found in the human body. I find it very interesting that all these new viruses start showing up at about the same time that all the new illnesses and diseases have began to surface. In other words, in the last 60 to 80 years or so. Why am I the only one that is concerned? Try to remember that the virus causes the disease, not the disease causes the virus. 

     When you were born, you received a complete complement of all the viruses that your mother had in her body. These viruses moved around in your body, until they found a place that they decided to ‘settle down’ in.(sounds just like immigrants coming to America). But the viruses didn’t just settle down and raise a family, they increased by the billions. The speed at which they increased was determined by a couple of things: acidic/alkaline level in your body, diet, lifestyle, eating habits, and the effectiveness of your immune system, just to name a few. So the ‘speed’ at which they do ‘damage’ in your body, could be different from the ‘speed’ at which they did ‘damage’ in your sister’s, brother’s, or even your mother’s body.

      In most cases ‘damage’ will occur faster in your body, or earlier in your life, than it did in your mother’s body. This is most likely caused by the fact that the diet we have today is more refined foods, pasteurized milk, or no milk at all, and a lot more ‘junk foods’. Also, it is harder and harder for mothers to get their children to eat foods that are good for them, when they see so many commercials on TV showing foods that are bad for them. Also, there a lot of mothers who don’t know what foods are good for their children. 

     Exactly where, in your body, that these viruses chose to settle, could be different from where they chose to settle in your brother’s or sister’s body. But, they probably got close, as the living environment in various areas of the human body, for a virus, are as different as the different localities on earth, are for a human.

    They may have settled in the skin, breast, colon, pancreas, lung, bone, or blood. Just to name a few. As for the ones that settled in the brain, it’s also kind of ‘hit and miss’. But no matter where in the brain, they settled, they would cause depression.     Depression, is actually ‘pain’ that is caused when the viruses are digging, eating, or just plain damaging the brain area. Similar to the damage to the area, that any infection from a pathogen would cause in the human body. However there are no nerves going to the human brain to tell when the brain is pinched, poked, scratched or burnt from heat. That is why it is so difficult for a person with depression to describe how they feel, when explaining it to a person without depression. 

   As for the multitude of different mental diseases, that have all the big long names, the area of the brain where a virus colony is doing damage, determines what symptoms you experience or effect, the viruses will have on your, mood, judgement, or ability to relate to others in your life. Any of the ‘output signals’ that the brain produces, can be contaminated, confused, or incorrect, if viruses are present in the area of the brain that did the ‘computation’.    Motor skills, eating habits, paranoia, judgment, sexual preference, concentration, or just about anything that the brain should do can be effected. The worse the ‘infection’, or the more ‘different infections’ that there are in your brain, corresponds to the worse your depression or the more different mental illnesses you may have.  

   Depression, really does affect your ‘mood’. If we were to say that a ‘normal’ persons mood, (a person without depression) was the ‘zero’ line right across the middle of a graph. If this ‘normal’ person was walking down the street, and found a $20.dollar bill on the sidewalk. WOW!!!!!! Look what I found!!!! TWENTY BUCKS!!!! HOT DIGGITY!!!!!! Well, their ‘mood’ would jump to a, let’s say, a +20 on the graph. OK. The ‘normal’ person, puts the 20 bucks in their billfold, and puts the billfold back in their pocket, and continues walking down the street. The ‘normal’ person is now thinking what they are going to spend the $20 bucks on. When the ‘normal’ person gets to the store and picks out some thing that they want for the ‘free’ $20 bucks. They go up to the check-out. But when the ‘normal’ person reaches in their pocket for the billfold, HEY!!!! Where’s my billfold?????? I lost my billfold!!! His ‘mood’ quickly drops from the +20, not just back to zero, but way past zero. As now the $20 bucks was ‘his’ that he lost, so that would go to -20, also his billfold had value, along with its original contents. Let’s just say that the ‘normal’ persons mood drops to -200 on the graph. OK. Let’s also say that the bottom line on the graph is -500. Let’s also say that the ‘usual suicide level’ is also -500, if there was such a thing. OK. Now if another person, a person who has depression, let’s say, moderate depression, their mood level on the graph, would be around -200 on an average day. If they did the same thing that the normal person did; find $20 bucks go to -180, loose billfold/$20 bucks, go to -400 on graph. Now, at -400, they are getting close to the -500 level, which is also the ‘usual suicide level'(if there was such a level). 

   Maybe the depressed person, who just went to -400 on the graph, had other issues that they were dealing with; fighting with wife, car won’t start, court date for unpaid fines, etc, etc. Their mood would have actually been lower than the -200 to start out with, maybe -300, or -350. So finding the $20, loosing the bill fold, and everything together would send them below the -500 level (the suicide level). ‘The straw that broke the camels back’. So he goes over to his brothers house where he knows a gun is hidden and BOOOM!!!!  blows his brains out.  

  The purpose of this is to show that a depressed person is closer to suicide at any given time in they’re life than a person without depression is. And when a depressed person looses his billfold and blows his brains out, no one can understand it. ‘Cept me. and now, you. Why would he end his life for loosing his billfold, it just doesn’t make sense… 

   Treating depression, is not curing depression. And curing depression is not treating depression. Also, It is as difficult for a person with depression to imagine what one day would be like without depression as it is for a person without depression to imagine what one day would be like with depression…


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