There has been few times in life where I have really stopped or slowed myself down as life seems to happen folding one moment into the next while I enjoy the journey.  When those moments happen I tend to wonder if Miracles really do Happen?  Not for any reason that can be explained but for reasons that can't.

I wonder what or where my life is destined as I watch those I love leave in one way shape form or another.  At brief moments in time I tend to stop myself and ask if I'm okay as the one I see before me leaves.  Miracles do they happen?  

Can I just call out and say Please Come Back and they will… Life seems not to happen that way for me in this life time when those I love leave I can only believe in my heart and soul that it's for our highest good.

Yes comfort that does me well yet in the night or day when I seek that which I desire so much gone I give myself a hug saying I trust. I love enough to know that which is gone never really is gone for I can feel it through my soul that unconditional love we have we share.

That which I seek in life cannot be bought nor do I not wish to change it as I love it the way it is choosing to live each moment. Yet anguish I feel for wanting so badly to hold, to love, to touch just to be….with you!

The love I feel pours me forward as I flow with the air that so lightly breaths that gentle cool breeze across my chest my face my lips yearning for just one kiss a touch a love that flows on by as time goes by. Getting through the moment of this day, this journey we call life with something so precious as love. Do miracles really happen? Yes I believe then do…. one day


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