I just realized that I haven' checked in since spring. Where to begin. This month and the next several will mark several watershed anniversaries in my life. First, and most important to me, is that tomorrow will be Adams and my 11th aniversary together as a couple. Unfortunatly we can still not say that we are "married" but that day will surely come. I find it amazing and sometimes a little tedious that I still have to explaing why that is so important to us. recently, in a local tavern/eatery where that Adam and I frequent, I got into a conversation with a well-meaning guy who was there with his girlfriend. After the subject of my 11 year relationship came up, I quipped that I supposed that we were still just "shacking up" after eleven years in the eyes of the law. Well-meaning guy says" Aw dude, all that matters is that you love each other. Screw the rest, it's just a little piece of paper."…..I surprised myself when I felt my face flush red and had to actually check myself to not jump down the guys throat. I took a moment to compose myself before explaing that " Yes, a marriage certificate is only a piece of paper…untill your mate is in the hospital and you don't have the right to see him or her because you're not "family"…..It's only a piece of paper until you or your mate dies and finds that they are totally screwed and left out in the cold when the other family members swoop in to claim everything including your cherished partners remains…I have seen it happen folks, and it's not somthing that only happened in the past. Anyway, I went on a tangent there and I will have to pick up again later! I'm trying to not stay on the computer as much lately to save the vision in my one good eye! Hope to post another blog before too much time has elapsed! Love and Peace to all! David;



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