It has been twenty six years since I was diagnosed with AIDS. I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987 the year after I graduated from High School. When I found out I was donating plasma. At this time it was still a new disease, and no on really knew a lot about it. I just put it on the back burner in my mind and went on with my life not letting those close to me know about it. Honestly I don't think I would have ever said anything. After a suicide attempt, and a brief 3 week stay in jail. I was in an in patient rehab program. That was the point in my life where I was shown something that now looking at it probably was the hardest thing my mother had to do. She came up one weeken, and had to sit down with me to tell me that I had a disease that was killing me. The hospital called them while I was in Jail and told my mother. That was when I started to be standing up for my rights no matter what because the Doc broke the law by telling my mother not me. Anyway, I am glad now that it happened the way it did because again I think I would probably not have said anything till I was sick and dieing. They left, and I was left to hablde the info. I had a counselor that cared a lot and knew a doctor in Slat Lake City that was and still is the best Doc around. Kristen Riese…. I went through a litlle bit more using when one day Anthony walked in the door and found me scavaging for drugs on the floor. He knew that I had used my money for rent, and that month he paid both his and mine. I sat down and thought to myself. That no one jas ever don that for me or cared enough to. So I told him that we would see how it goes. Now it will be 22 years. Oh, and yes his partner died from the disease. My husband saved my life, and I put my staying off Cocaine into motion. It takes a lot of work to go thru all the shit I did, and still be alive. There are many things that helped me out. I had to find my soul partner. I had to learn to love myself, because for a long time I hated myself, and was hiding from most of the problems. Then I had to get the trust back of my family. Even to this day, things gets said to me that make me think of if my family has actually put my past behind me in their minds. Yes it hurts a lot. But that is no excuse to give up. I enjoy life so much that I started a little side business that don't make money. I crochet blankets from donations, and walk up to total strangers. Elderly, disabled, and sick sometimes in hospitals and give them a nice big blanket and tell them all I want is for them to have a nice day. The look on their faces is all the thanks I need. I may be a little stingey but I keep doing it because I literally feel like I am walking on air as I walk away from the gifted. I got hooked on that feeling. So you see it is a lot of work to stay alive. But, I enjoy it. I have the Love of my husband, family and friends to keep me going. Things however are different with everyone. I mean circumstances are different. It is how you react, and holding your head high day by day…..

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  1. bigdaddy 9 years ago

    hey  can i ask you this how you sex life im asking becouse i have been married for 12 years poistive for 8 and so lonely  i know i can not go no longer with out  somone  to touch me and liveing like roommeet cant do this shit no more

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