oh my god my step mother gets me so angry, just come back from a meal and all night she just went on about things my dad is doing wrong like the other night they went out and my dad got drunk for once , the amount of times they go out and my dad drives so she can drink, its just silly , hate that she talks about him like hes doing things wrong. and then with this meal tonight she constanly cristised the food cus its not the place she wanted to go so we had to sit there and just listen to her complain about that , although for the last 9 years she has choosen were we go christmas eve. my sister is cooking xmas dinner for us all tomorow and all my step mother is doing is telling her what she wants , what my sister should do and what she should serve etc and its doing my sisters head it , its her first xmas meal to cook and she stressing out over it as you do and my step mothers extra pressure dosnt help her and i hate seeing her stressed out like that.also my nan has decided to get everyone round on boxing day sothe wholefamily can actully see each other for a bit, and mystep mother decided that wasnt good either because she wants to go see her friendsinstead , not thinking that like my dad might want to see his brothers or spend time with anyone else, to her familyjust dosnt seem to mater!my step mother does this every year just ruins christmas . sorry this is just a really long rant i just needed to get it out because if i see my dad or sister stressed out again im guna flip! grrrr


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