Agency looking for HIV-Positive individuals

Who\’s Positive has been requested to forward this message through to our network of HIV+ individuals. We will forward your information onto the casting company as soon as it is received for consideration.  Who\’s Positive encourages you to forward this email onward to others you know who are HIV+.

We are a healthcare ad agency producing a Video and Photo Shoot for a pharmaceutical company, to be shot first week of November. We are looking for HIV+ Men and Women willing to tell their story and talk about their experiences. There will be compensation for your time. If you are HIV+ and are interested in working with us on this project please email Who\’s Positive at [email protected]

Send me a portrait of yourself as well as your contact information. We will be contacting you shortly to see if you qualify. There are a series of questions we will need to ask about the medication you\’re on as well as your CD4 count and viral load.

Compensation ranges from $500 to $1000.

HIV+ Adults 25yrs and up. All ethnic backgrounds are welcome.

Photo/Video Shoot will take place in Manhattan (we will pay for travel.)

Contact Who\’s Positive on behalf of the agency: [email protected]

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Loki 14 years ago

    Thank you flyboy for the information. I’m 22 years hiv positive and just went on meds two months ago! I think I have something to tell the younger folks out there as well as the long-time survivors.
    Take care, Loki (aka David)

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