Well I hope everyone can see this and if not then get some glasses perhaps!  Anyways, moving right along… I have had a magnificent day full or ups and downs but mostly ups for a change.  The only frustrating part left of my new meds are the dry mouth and mostly, the extreme exhaustion following the extreme high and hyper hyper.  I have learned a way to deal with the shakes and that is when I get up and dance or clean or do something so that I don't realize how badly it is affecting me.  The anxiety is still a quite a bit outside of the house but inside the house I can finally make up my mind and get things done and not obsess about things too much.  I am unfortunately distressed by cancelling my OCD group appointment today though and feel guilty for it since it feels stupid that I did it but the snow was so so so bad and I didn't wake up in a great positive mood to begin with considering I awoke to find myself in my son's "accident" and he needed a bath and the laundry had to get done AGAIN and so I wasn't thinking about a dumb OCD appointment helping me today but making things more frustrating for me.  I guess life goes on.  But all in all, the mood has emerged out of distress last week and I am liking it people; just worry that it won't last like usual and don't want to think about anything bothersome.  (Which may be a less than great thing to do, oh well)  That is it for today, I tend to ramble when hyper but I know that I will sleep well and pass right out later which is great too!  OK OK… I am annoying myself now I will shut up!  Have a great day everyone, especially to those who don't think they will see a better day; it is just around the corner, I assure you!  Live life… smile… give…love!  TRICIA

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  1. Lamia 13 years ago

    Concrats! I am so happy for you that you are feeling better. It feels wonderful not to be controlled by your illness. Have a wonder ful rest of the day!

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