Dear ——- , ————-, ——————, —————-

When all of you were in my life, I was treated badly.   Yet, it didn’t start out that way.   I actually had good first impressions of all of you.

After meeting all of you, my life……

It full of drama, gas lighting, shallow conversations didn’t have depth, the entitlement and superior attitudes of all of you were the normal.

I was a mere tool for all of you.   All of you knew I was new here in this area and didn’t know anyone.    I was lonely and trying to build a life here.  My goal was to have a job and friends.   I wanted to give this area a chance.

I know that all of you think that people are to be used and disposed of and that is just the way it is.

One of you used me for food, rides places, and then betrayed me   I had financial hardship due to 3 of your actions     Three of you manipulated me into helping you control someone in hindsight as well.   Then, after I forgave you.   You hurt me again .  Then, you betrayed me again.  It went on for five years.   I did give up and walk away and assist the person all of you were trying to control to cut their loses as well.

I was lonely and naive at the time when all of you met me.  I know all you know noticed this and made it a point to emotionally abuse and take advantage.  Shame on all of you

Thank you all though for teaching me that all people don’t have have a good heart or intentions even if they say nice things and smile    😊 Some people are a wolf in sheep’s clothing    Some people really don’t have a 💜 heart.

The former belief that I had that to treat other the way I want to be treated until someone shows to not be a good person is gone    Now, I am a little more cautious and people earn my friendship and trust.

Thank you all for teaching me that if I don’t have boundaries and give second chances that people have the opportunity to destroy me emotionally.  I now know in hindsight when I should of walked away from all of you sooner.   Yet, I forgive myself for feeling too lonely, vulnerable and lacking self confidence to be unable to do so sooner.

I am sorry that all of you missed out on a healthy relationship with someone who would of been a lifetime loyal friend.   I have a lot to offer.   All of you blew it.  I am done with all of you and feel indifferent.   If your lives work our well, fine.   If they are not good, fine.  I don’t care.

Please know that I have so much pity for all of your pathetic and  fake lives.

Who was there for you when needed a real friend! I was the one who hugged you when —— , ——-,—- and ——- happened.    Who listened and comforted you? Why yes, that was me as well.

Remember where the other “friends” where? Yes, you do.   They were there    They saw you felt ——- and ——-.   What did they do? Nothing.   They don’t care about you.  They are fake friends.  Why, now you only have fake friends since I left? Sorry your choice.  I had to cut my loses (all of you) and move on.

In summary, thank you all of you for teaching me wisdom from the pain of learning from a challenging life experience

I now have more knowledge to protect myself and can add positive and healthy relationships to my  life!

My time and energy will be invested in better people.

Again, no hate just lots of pity.   Enjoy being yourselves   All of you do that so very well    It is not a compliment:

Much Gratitude,






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