Do I turn them into villains or are they already villains? Most people I meet, turn into villains who want to get me, permanently. The fact that they have spent time with me loses them admirers because I talk, moulded by my rut that if had all my life and not been able to get rid of. I am optimistic when they retaliate with pessimistic and I try to force my way in by making by them laugh which they hate so I educate them which makes them think I’m proud so I wait for them to start and they say “do you like going for walks, so you like the rain, do you like the beach” they won’t tell me messages that people are trying to pass on desperately , even if someone is going to die. If I draw this out of them they get angry and tease me like saying “why don’t you smash your head off that wall there and find out”.

They look into my eyes and look like iv got an axe swinging above my head at them. They can’t take that I’m not showing emotion. They won’t ever be real with me. I have tried yelling at them, telling them they’re evil and telling them what they are doing and they just say “we want to help you, how can I help you now” and anything I say, they use it to try and stop that happening.

I think I need to be a real villain to them like they are on me. But I don’t want them to steal my sunglasses and everything etc. Now that I say this they will do the reverse and try to steal them. Just buy your own shades! But villain shades arn’t a good look so they never do.


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