Staring at the sun slowly going back into its home. After a long day of hard work, it strives to repeat again another day.

The soft golden sand coats my feet and legs. The cold salty water reaches upto my waist and my clothes cling to my body for dear life. The friendly waves approach me, shy and stealthy. The last of the sunlight peeks at the calm view of the beach in front of it and bids its sweet farewell. Darkness prevails and the waves approach again, faster and harsher this time. No longer friendly, no longer shy. I put in all my weight into staying rooted in place. Struggling against it I pull my self up. Once, twice, thrice, until I’ve lost count. I come up for air and see no waves around. A minute of peace, a minute of silence. It’s over, it’s finally over.  Only it isn’t. In a blink of an eye everything falls apart. I hit the shore floor making a dent. The sand beneath me hugs my body, desperately inviting. The impact has me unmoving, unresponsive and numb. My mind goes into survival mode. “Get up, fight against it. Look at the bright lighthouse, we’ll get there one day.” But oh I don’t see any lighthouse. Not after the last wave. It took away my lighthouse, it took away my remaining strength and crushed my will in its strong grip. I realize with my last fleeting breath that the shore is no longer close. I have reached the monstrous sea. I let my eyes droop close, the curtains fall, the window to outside, never to be seen through again. The sea carries me in its arm. Down and down and down into its seductive bed. I’m home at last.

Another day. Another start.

Only the sun never rises again.


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