Why? Why do I have to fear showing my glorious light when others get to shine so freely? Why do I have to fear holding the hand of the woman I love in public? Why are there still people in the world that can’t accept that love is love and love doesn’t apply to any one persons rules? I am a beautiful rainbow hiding behind a monochromatic facade. Everywhere I look I see beautiful rainbows like me showing their colors and getting hated for it. Sure no on says it out loud anymore because they’re afraid to anger the wrong people but they don’t have to say it, we can see it on their face, in their body language, You don’t have to be shouting at the top of your lungs because the rest of you speaks volumes. Homophobia isn’t a fear it’s an excuse, you might be afraid but it’s only because your tiny monochromatic brain can’t handle all the beautiful color I bring with my joy and my love, maybe that’s why you try and snuff it out. Still I am a Rainbow too afraid to be seen for my life is monochromatic and in this world different is a death wish.


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