Dr. Bridges, is an experienced therapist in trauma therapy Austin says that I know you might be serving your boss, your family, and your friends with full dedication. What about self-care?

It is also a part of our daily life. We often neglect ourselves in this fast-paced world, which triggers the anxiety levels. Thus, never take yourself for granted and start loving yourself because if you will be not happy and healthy, then you cannot make others happy.

Self-care is not about going to pubs, beaches, spa, etc. It’s about self-rejuvenation which could be from reading books, listening to music, spending a happy time with family, and so on. Our simple daily routine might includes exercise, yoga, and meditation which can prove to be relaxing and soothing.

Let’s move further into the topic:

Do what you like– Start noticing what kind of things you like and what things give you happiness and satisfaction? For some, it could be reading, playing, listening to music, spending time with pets, hobbies, etc. All such activities come in immensely handy in rejuvenating your mind and body.

Learn to say NO– Therapist Austin anxiety says that no one can love you more than yourself. Thus, never act like a puppet of the others hand. If you find something which is not for you, then be brave to say NO. Saying no will not put your life at stake rather your self-respect will increase.

Spend time with your loved ones– If you are unhappy or feeling exhausted after a hectic day at the workplace, then it is recommended by therapists to find the time to talk with dear ones and share your feelings with them. You will feel much better.

Not just these techniques, there are many more on the list to find, love, and nourish yourself. You must encourage yourself to focus on your needs along with others. The priority must be you and after that only, else come.

When I was a part of the anxiety counseling in Austin, I learned that wear what you find attractive, eat what satisfies your taste bud, and do what your heart says. The reason behind following these simple methods is that when you do what you love, happy hormones are released. These hormones keep anxiety at bay.

From here, the journey of loving yourself begins.



  1. delane1 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the information. Sometimes, we need reminders…..

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  2. Author
    mr-bridges 3 years ago

    Thanks, delane1

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  3. deesilovegmail-com 1 year ago

    I needed to hear that, because my depression keeps me from leaving the house and going out and enjoying myself.

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