When I was 9 years old I ran across at that time some weird gorilla watching lesbians scissor each other on a beach.  I know right what a hell of a way to start a story but that’s when I began to have a sick obsession of lesbians scissoring or tribbing in other words and every night I snuck downstairs in the living room to find a new one to watch looking back they were horrible after dark porns so it was fake but for me a 9 year old kid it was absolutely amazing. So one night I typed in two girls scissoring and holy shit I thought I hit the jackpot tons showed up and I would just click away because this was the real deal not caring that they we’re pay per view. So 1 month later my parents got the cable bill 700 dollars (in my Stu voice from hangover) my mom immediately went ballistic on my dad and I watched as he defended himself to scared to say anything. My obsession shortly stopped because my mom put a code on the television I was so desperate to watch more a couple of weeks later I ran to my mom’s bedroom to see if I could get the code to order D. W The Picky Eater I caught her at a great time sleeping and just as I knew she would I got the code but not for Author. That night while everyone sleep I’m ordering so many porns I lose count. So 1 month later once again the bill comes in my head I’m apologizing to my dad in advance but my mom turns to me and says what the hell is wrong with you I didn’t tell your daddy the code just you….. oooh shit I’m busted. I was grounded plus my mom gave me the longest most awkward speech about my weird obsession and that i would eventually grow up and out of this phase and get married and have an amazing husband and beautiful children and I did. Me and my husband would role play and most of the time i would ask him to wear a wig and insist we watch lesbians scissoring he would do it but after a while it got annoying to him and quite uncomfortable  he asked me during sex  what the hell is wrong with you because i insisted that we could at least watch s porn specifically lesbians scissoring but he flipped and asked me was I even sexually attracted to him and I said yes because I am but however during intercourse only if we’re watching lesbians. So yeah my obsession has followed me and stayed with me for 21 years. I love being married to my husband till this day were happy but i hate that I’m not sexually attracted to him as i am to a women so I sit and wonder what the hell is wrong with me?

  1. treegirl213 1 year ago

    Nothing. Nothing is wrong with you. You’re probably a lesbian, it’s not something you can change, it’s just something you’ll have to accept.
    It’s okay to be gay. We have pride month for a reason.

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  2. nasha 1 year ago

    I Honestly have felt the same way! I haven’t told my husband though, and he doesn’t know I watch lesbian porn all the time. I can’t even get in the mood without thinking about women. I love my husband but I don’t think I’m sexually attracted to him. I know my husband would probably react like that or a little worse.

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