I need this one today.

Lesson 271

“Christ\'s is the vision I will use today.”

This is another lesson emphasizing the power of decision. It reminds me of the lesson which says, "I have a kingdom I must rule." Everything I experience, everything I perceive is the effect of my choice.

What thought system do I choose to be my guide for seeing? If I choose the ego thought system, I will see guilt, fear, loss and death, though Love, peace and Life surround me. If I choose the Holy Spirit as my Guide, I will see the face of Christ everywhere, for it is there to be seen, always. I will not raise the ego\'s veils of substitute images to block my awareness of the Loving Self that I share with all that is.

It is always my choice. It seems incredible that I would choose anything but the Love of God. Yet the fact that I experience fear and conflict tells me that I have chosen against Love. Today I choose the Holy Spirit to guide my vision to show me Christ\'s face in all my brothers in a forgiven world. Thus will I remember my Father and His gifts of peace and joy, given me in my creation.

In the section, "What is the Christ?" it is brought home to me that Christ is unified Thought that is in the Mind of God. We all are this unified Thought — one Christ — which is the one Self we share with God, and so we all are only Thought that lies in the Mind of God. That is the only part that is real.

I have been thinking about the fact that I am Thought and only Thought that resides in the Mind of God, which is Love. Seeing the face of Christ in my brother means seeing that my brother is the Thought of Love that still resides in the Mind of Love. This is my job today. This is using Christ\'s vision.




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