I need advice – especially if this or anything like it has ever happened to you.

The last three nights, I’ve had a very hard time sleeping. I am having what I can only describe as obsessive nightmares about my classes and homework. I am dreaming about doing my work – the same things over and over and over. I have been making an effort to be less stressed, and have been doing much better, so it makes no sense to me as to why I am stressing while I sleep. It has been getting progressively worse, but not so much so that I’ve been worried about it. Until now.

Last night it was the worst yet – I remember the dream vividly – I worked on a painting until 11 or so. The last color I painted with was yellow. It sounds odd, but it’s important to know that. I went to bed, and woke up extremely naucious. In the dream, I was painting very difficult, fine lines, and every time I worked with yellow, in the dream (and I expect in real life) I would get extremely naucious – but only with yellow. I climbed down from the top bunk, and was able to make to make it o farther than the sink – I leave what followed to your imaginiation.

My roommate woke up, and asked if I was ‘Okay.’ I sat on her bed and told her all that had happened. While I was telling her, my stomach started cramping terribly. I was scared to go back to sleep in case it happened again, and scared to get back into the top bunk for the same reason. I was really pitiful, curled into a ball at her feet, sobbing. My roommate, you should know, is a saint. Really. She got me a cool wet rag for my forehead, and rearranged everything so that I was in her bed, and she was on a pallet on the floor. I was in no mood to complain, but didn’t actually realize what she did until I woke up this morning.

I went to the nurse’s office of my university about 8am, where a completely innept and rather bitchy nurse gave me something called ‘grasshopper’ for my stomach, dramamine pills to help me sleep, and something else for my head, which was pounding when I woke up. She warned me I might be sleepy – understatement of the year. I slept solid until 5pm, except for about 30 minutes when I woke up just enough to have a sprite and some crackers Jess got me. I got up, showered, and went to my 3 hour class at 5:30, and then did some homework.

I’m surprisingly sleepy for having been in  adrug-induced coma all day. And yet, here it is, 1:40am, and I’m scared to go to sleep – I don’t want to experience what happened last night ever again, nor do I want to risk another obsessive anxiety attack/nightmare. Has anyone here ever experiences anything like this, or have an idea how I can deal with it? Any advice would be helpful..

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  1. tziel 15 years ago

    Just some quick advice (maybe good/maybe not)  Try to do something that you enjoy and that relaxes you just before bedtime… whatever you do, don’t do homework.  Also, you might try to accept the thought of getting a ‘B’ grade or ‘C’ grade — don’t make yourself be perfect.  Most importantly, if you have unpleasant dreams again, don’t freak out in response (which gives the dream more signifigance)…instead,  just acknowledge it was a crappy dream, and let it go, move on — In any case, I hope you feel better soon 🙂

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