Well my days winding down…Had to take a damn ativan today …wanted to have 1 beer with my nieghbour but made an excuse …because i know u cant drink when you take ativan or an ativan…i hadnt taking it yet but knew i would so i passed on the cold beer.Hadnt had one in forever …with my ssri and zyprexa 1 or 2 beers dont hurt…but since my day wasnt going the way i wanted …ahhh its all one big rollercoaster in my head today.My nephew layed his mountain bike down right infront of my truck and walk away …now me not knowing this jumped in the truck pulled ahead ..yep u guessed ran the frickin thing over …even though it wasnt my fault i feel sorry for the little dude he just got the bike this past summer.Jumping to another subject ..thats my ADD kickin in lol..On a serious note now not only is my ocd not under control …my mothers disease is getting worse…she has a lung issue and is on oxegyn 24/7 i hate to see her suffering ….she has low energy but shes a toughy at the same time trying to do the things she once was able to do .I dont know what i,d do without her in my life …i try to stay positive when it comes to her condition but canthelp but think of the negative outcome and when its going to happen its an image and thought i try to keep out of my head…but u know OCD it aint easy keeping thoughts out..i wish i could control my thought process but again u know with ocd thoughts just pop into your head being triggerd but something or another…But anyways thank you to each and every person reading this its nice to know i can come to this site and just type down all thats on my mind …again thank you and hope your day is going great.Take care and god bless

  1. raider916 12 years ago

     Sorry to hear about your mother. Its never easy to see anyone you love having medical problems. OCD definitely doesn't make stressful situations any easier either. Looks like your nephew will be asking for a new bike for Christmas. Im guessing he wont ever lay another bike down in front of a car again. Just seen your other blog asking if anyone was around. I wasn't around, but if I was I would have responded. Hope things are going better for you today. Take care.

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  2. Metis_OCD 12 years ago

    Thanks for the response to my blog…Todays not going to to bad..how about your day hows it going?…

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  3. Metis_OCD 12 years ago

    Hey Dan thanks for responding ..Ya the time zone thing i hear ya…Havent taking an ativan yet today and hoping not to.Part of my OCD is that i anylize everything and anything ..everything is Mental..everythings OCD and it can be very frustrating at times.Alot of what if thinking …im so sick of ocd would be nice to get back to the way i was a yr ago where i was more balanced …its like being a soilder of ocd and ocds winning the battle.But enough complaining eh lol…Hope things are well for you..ttyl…Thanks

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