No mood today, didn't sleep at all last night, but I slept this morning and afternoon lol, went to bed at around 6.30 am and woke up at 3ish in the arvo, I have felt sooooooo lazy these past few days for about 3 weeks I had been running daily for about 8ks and then sometime over the weekend I just went…. BLEH

I am currently having this HUGE ASS craving for ice coffee but I dont want to go down to the shop because I went yesterday and bought 3 1.5L of the stuff and it is embarrasing :S lol and YES I drank it all in one day, but want moooooore 🙁 its a serious addiction……….. :\

Still have not heard anything from my friend, I even tried to call her and actually hoped she would pick up, even though I HATE talking on the phone. I dont know whether to just leave it, or keep trying, I want to keep trying to find out whats up but I ust cant be bothered when im just going to get ignored… I dunno.

Still have not heard back from the hospital about having mum booked in for camera stuffed down her throat for the ulcer……. whats with people not getting back to me..? and im getting a little worried cause mum has joined back in with the Monday drinks at work, before some of the workers fly home, and it was booze from a wedding that bought this thing to the surface and now that mum is no longer feeling the pain from the ulcer she isn't paying too much attention to it any more…. T-T-T…

SHIT its thursday already…. i only thought it was Tuesday or somthing :s bugger, have to start cleaning and gardening soon, have a rent inspection on Monday, atleast the lady that usually comes is nice (i hope she comes on Monday) she loved my dog and would smooch up with her when she came over for the inspections and the last inspection she came on, Bubba had just died and she actually cried a little, awwww she is such a sweet ol lady. SPeaking of Bubba, yesterday I actually got my first compliment (from a stranger) on my Bubba tattoo, and for once it wasnt a 'why bubba?" whats a bubba?" it was just "oh what a beautiful tattoo, who is Bubba?"  It meant so much to me, its taken 7 months for a decent compliment on my tattoo…. sure as hell beats "why would you call yourself bubba and tattoo it on you?" yes I have had some one say that to me lol I actually get very offended when people mis comment my tattoo in those kind of manners, I guess im still a little sensitive about the subject *nods*

Did anybody check out my work?? my desgns?? follow the link?? anything?? Oh feel so rejected hahahahahaha nah but if you want go look at my last blod, the link is in there


hmmmm thats it… I think… I have till 9pm to get my ice coffee so I may still just get it lol


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