I just woke from an unintentional four-hour nap. Guess I needed it after the events of the last few days.

My husband–whom I will heretofore call DH, for "dear husband"–was on one of his obsessive trips this morning, regarding our bills for this month, with the repairs the car has had and our loss of one day of work this week. I had to tell him that when he gets into one of those phases, that it puts me into crisis mode again, especially after I've so recently had a crisis. He hadn't realized that before, so he finally calmed down and eventually we were able to discuss how we were going to deal with our monthly obligations. It will all work out.

I got my official acceptance letter to my new bachelor's degree program (biological sciences, majoring in laboratory technology and taking a forensic toxicology certificate, probably minoring in something unrelated like Celtic studies or public health). Change of career nearly complete.

DH and I went to lunch today, to celebrate his birthday. I love our burger joint. Their burgers are creative. You can add just about whatever you want. I had a burger topped with a fried, cheese-stuffed portobella mushroom, bacon, and a fried egg. DH had a burger with bacon and beer-sauteed onions. We shared a plate of fries, which we couldn't finish, so we have them to home in a box.

I also signed up for the fall semester of drum lessons with my drum instructor. I'm not going to be able to take spring or summer term lessons, because of the car issues, but I am going to save up money each month to take fall lessons. Hopefully that means next year I'll be ready to start novice solo competitions. I'm also happy that we have a full drum corps for band competition in four weeks. I let the lead tip take the lead with our youngest snare drummer, since I hadn't been able to convince him for anything, and they're hitting it off very well. So we have the minimums we need. Hopefully my friend B will rejoin the band soon–I have need of his mentorship!

Life is looking better today. I just need to find my prayer beads.


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