Hello fellow worrier warriors. I'm new to this sight. Just a little bit about how I came to find this website. It was about three months ago I had just came back from Vegas partying hard. I was a binge drinker and drank a lot on the weekends. Also am pack a day smoker. A week after I came back I got home from work and me and my wife had argument and then wham out of nowhere i started feeling really weird. At first I thought it was low blood sugar or a hard attack so I went to the E.r but didn't make it so I had to call an ambulance. They said I was having a panic attack and I haven't been right ever since. I remember holding my wife and telling her not to let me die. So many things raced through my mind my mother siblings nephews etc. since that initial attack I've been through the hardest days of my life. Some better than others. I've though I've had everything from lung cancer to epilepsy to aids/ HIV you name it i be had it. I went through the extensive tests and e.r visits and nothing. I'm starting to understand it a little better through books doctors and Internet. But it's just so hard. I know no one here can mentally or physically do something for me that's Up to me. But I find comfort in knowing I'm not alone or crazy. I pray for all of you and myself to get better and live life to the fullest. If anyone ever needs to talk feel free. I know how comforting it can be just to have someone to talk to during those hard times. Sincerely the newest addition to the worry warrior tribe. FmlNanx3

  1. spirit88 10 years ago

    Welcome to the tribe 🙂

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  2. FmlNanx3 10 years ago


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  3. FmlNanx3 10 years ago

    Thanks everyone. Yea I\'m not on any meds. I just try to ride through. I am proud to say that I\'ve been smoke free for 10 days and alcohol free for 2 months so I guess it\'s not all bad. If anyone needs to talk feel free

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