1. I will be taking the ACT next week, and even though the colleges that I want to go to, dont really look at the score, im still freaking out about it…. And idk if im going to have enough time to look through the ACT practice book that I got at school…

2. Homework: I feel like its taking over my life! my teachers assign so much it feels like. and it stresses me out, especially math, and biology my 3 hardest classes ( i have algebra 2A and geometry) and I struggle in all of them! Biology, is just a forgin launge that ive never heard of… and math is just nuts! its over whelming and frusterating when i cant understand the material, even when my teacher explains it, it just make absolulty NO SIENCE at all! I cant wait until I graduate! I will get more help in college then in high school it feels like! And the school i go to isnt suppoed to have alot of homework becuase we go to school longer during the day and have more school days then the other schools around us.

3. Im scared that one day my parents are going to split… IDK if it will ever happen, but its one of my biggest fears becides dying.. I dont think i could handle it if it ever happend… i dontknow if i should talk to my parents about it and have them go to counceling with me or not.. my dad doesnt help around the house at all, and i understand that he has kidney problems and when he feels like crap he really means he feels like crap, when he hes feeling better, he can help around the house when my mom is working and do the dishes or something like that! i kno my mom wants him to help too, but idk this is just so hard and idk what to do about any of this!! im going to talk to my councelor about it on friday, but it just really scares me that it could happen. I just hope it wont happen!!!! i dont want to be another kid with they parents split appart! theres to many families that arnt together and i dont want to be one of those.. 🙁


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