My best friend just found out that shes pregnant and I’m pretty happy for her because that’s all she wants out of life is a home and a family but the downside is that shes only 17 years old and at first she was ok with the pregancy almost sort of excited and I am 100% supportive of her.  She suffers from depression pretty bad and the pregnancy has made it soo much worse shes having suicidal thoughts and she has now decided to abort the baby because she knows she can’t do this and again I am being supportive of her and her choices but of course I’m worried that she may not be thinking this through but of course she is only 17 so it also kind of makes sense I mean shes not emotionally or financially ready to care for the child and shes said that adoption isn’t an option because she knows she won’t be able to let it go and so being the supportive friend I’ve promised to go with her to the abortion clinic.  Shes 13 wks. along right now and by the time we get to the clinic she will be 15 wks. and we were both thinking that the baby would still be an embryo not even developing yet but I decided to research it anyway and I found out that the baby can already sense light, is growing hair and should start moving anytime now and now I feel like i’m driving her to go murder a little child and it’s just tearing me apart and now knowing that its actually developing  makes it hard to be numb to the whole ordeal. am I doing the right thing with helping her and being supportive or am I just an accomplice in the muder of an unborn child cause I mean where do I get off saying weather this child gets to live or not and if anyone thinks that I am horrible just be brutly honest I need some unbiased honest opinions.

  1. hancey 13 years ago

    You are not a bad person, but rather a supportive friend.  You were supportive of her when she planned to have the baby.  She then thought things through further and decided to terminate the pregnancy and, again, you were supportive.  This decision is always a dfficult one to make.  But it was her decision to make, not yours.  You have been the steadfast friend.  Most of us need more friends like you. 

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  2. lacey7 2 years ago


    She is putting you in a tough situation.

    Yes, you would be driving her to murder a baby.

    Plus, you say she dreams of having a family someday. The abortion could leave her unable to have children.

    Maybe convince her to talk to prospective adoptive parents who are up to raising her baby. She could do a open adoption and have regular visits and get updates on her baby.

    Please try to stop her from killing the baby!

    If she doesn’t listen to you, tell others to talk to her. Baby would appreciate it.

    Have her watch on utube survivors of abortions! I think it was called, “ I survived being aborted.”

    Good luck! Thank you for caring about the baby!

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  3. lacey7 2 years ago

    Or she could have, hand over and never have contact with or hear about baby ever again!

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