All I want to do is check that I've locked my car door, I'm 50% certain I locked it but there's another 50% of 'but have Ireallychecked it?'. I've had OCD for a little over a year now and right now the checking behaviours are amped up and completely control my life. However my OCD is really not as bad as it was this time last year as far as intrusive thoughts go, but this is really irritating. I am so tempted to go and check but I'm trying not to, my face is hot and my heart is pounding really hard I'm trying not to have a panic attack. I remember actually going back to the car when I got home and pulling the handle two or three times, thefirsttime I locked my car. Later I came back and while I'm 50% certain I locked it I can't remember if I did. I find I have to look at the car handle for a moment before I can walk away and even then I have to come back and do it again. I'm determined not to go and check the car tonight but it's going to play on my mind the whole time. I'm sure if I go it will be locked because it always is, I've never actually not locked the car, it's always locked when I check it. Also another thing thats bugging me, about my car, I when I cut the engine Ihaveto turn it back on and check the car is in park and the handbrake it up even though I remember doing it. Sometimes I have to do it twice maybe three times. It's the same with the fuel cap, usually when I've just gotten fuel (or gas) Iimmediantlythink 'did I close it right?' but I usually forget about it so it's not a big deal.I've been looking online for tips on how to stop checking, I dont do therepy I'm basically dealing with this by myself with meditation and stuff, but I can't find anything. Granted I've only looked for about five minutes because I'm tired. I dont want tips from a bloody quak who doesntreallyknow- not like people actually with OCD.

So, can anyone give me tips on how to stop checking or stop worrying about it so much. Anything would be appreciated.

EDIT: I ended up checking and having a panic attack anyway -.-

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  1. Irone93 7 years ago

    Just say to yourself, "so what I left the doors unlocked, my car will be stolen. Don't fight it, a stolen vehicle is minor compared to the torture you are experiencing.

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