\..a few moments ago I discovered I am the landlord of a new unexpected guest in my home..a lil mouse has taken up residence in amongst all the empty boxes strewn about resulting from my OCD..at first it was annoying hearing this lil guy rustling around all these items..however I was then reminded of a cute episode in my past involving another of his ancestors..it was in the early months of 1986 when I ‘was in my 2nd to last semester of college *I was 23* & was a DJ *or as we called ourselves "radio jocks"* at our school radio station..one nite before my weekly radio show I ‘had a partially eaten box of "triscuits" sitting on my desk..as I was nodding off to sleep a lil mouse found his way into my sparten lil coed college room & instantly located said box of snack crackers..despite numerous attempts to relocate the box all around the room this lil guy always managed to find it with his razor sharp instincts..needless to say..I spent a sleepless nite & was quite frankly "death warmed over" as I went into the station early the next morning to pull albums & do my show..fully expecting to be awful I was surprised in that it ‘turned out being the best show I ever did..my dialogue was perfect & my music mixing flawless..believing this 2 be nothing short of divine inspiration..I renamed my show "Mr. Triscuit Mouse Factory" *corny..yes ha* & it went on to become legend @ the small ~6000 student campus I attended..I guess what ‘I learned from this is that you never know what 2 expect in life..so in that spirit..I’ve decided to tolerate my ‘new tenant *assuming he doesn’t get TOO unruly ha*..if nothing else its another welcomed heartbeat in the place..\

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  1. billdoor79 12 years ago

    Good, glad to see little beasts being taken care of and tolerated! You never know, maybe you’ll tame her as she gets trusting you:-)

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