im back. im worn to the bone but im back. i took some time apart from everything and it just made things worse so i was forced back into everything. but i faced everything with a new view and it all seems to be ok for now. i can deal with stuff. not saying i wont slip and fall but i guess my down swing is over for now.


ive done so much reading and thinking and even praying. didnt talk to anyone for various reasons but i will start talking to people again soon. i know it helps.


this past week has been rough on my mind heart and body. i have worked myself so hard. it felt good but it drained me and i worked a lil to hard. pulled a muscle in my calf and cut the tip of my finger off… well not the entire tip but the thickness of a quarter. when you move a 4 bedroom apartment and fit it into 2 bedrooms of a house alot of things can go wrong or get frustrating. i helped another friend move this week also and have to finish that project next week. i signed up for a few classes i need to take and i have been putting off a few other things as well. now they are all started and hopefully i can balance them all out.

i didnt get around to getting medicine and setting up an appointment for a therapist but that is on the list for next week or sooner if possible.


im tired and i just dont have it left in me to fight this alone anymore and i now am ready to admit it. made a fool out of myself on here and around other people so i have some amends to make.


sorry for those i have bothered. thank you to those who care.





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