sorry abt the dyslexia

I need your help as you are the experts


last year after a long stuggle i deceided to go and see my GP who refered me to a mental health worker and i was told i have Genralised anxiety disorder (GAD). I read up on it and it made sence but there were things i thought that didnt add up with the GAD so i went ack and asked them if there was anything else.

to my supprise i was told i have OCD,


now here is where i get confussed,

from everything i have read about OCD i dont match the sypmtoms, i have now had 2 people diagnose me with ocd but i cant see y they think that.

I looked into OCD and i have found that yes i am obsessive, every time i stop i get these imigase n my head of bad things that i worry are going to happen and i cant cleare them off my mind, also i am going through a stage at the min where all i can think about is xmas gifts and worrying that they arnt right and that people will hate them, because of this i have borought some peopel 5 or 6 different gifts, and dont get me started on wrapping, i have wraped 1 present 17 times becasue it isnt good enought, in the end i gave up.

so i guess in a way im a little compulsive but i also have other obsesive thoroughts that i am compulsed to do things but can stop my self, i get upset if i dont do them and very frustrated but i can stop myself from doing it, so i guess im not being compulsive.

also i dont have to do things a sertain number of times, like swich a light swich on and off although sometimes i have to check doors and windows are locked a few times and thta i sent a email or txt to the right person but there is no patten to it like i have to do it so many times.

I am fed up of these fears and images in my mind and want it all to go away but are the dr sending me up the wrong road, or are they right could this be ocd?

I hope i havent offended anyone by writing this, i just dont know where else to turn as i only want to make peole happy and i worry this would not make them happy.

dose anyone feel like this, and could it be ocd?


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