I was just shot at in my neighbors apartment! The bullet grazed an inch above my head. I felt the hot breeze scrape against the top of my hair. She had wanted me to come up and visit for a bit. I did. We were wathching T.V. She wanted to show me something on her calender in the kitchen. I turned on the light. She then proceeded to go into the kitchen as I backed away for a moment. Out of nowhere, 6-8 rounds of gunfire were set off very close. (Her apartment faces the road). We heard everything. It happened so quickly. It was at the very least a semi-auto if not an automatic. My neighbor insisted that they were firworks. I told her to just "GET THE FU*K DOWN< NOW!!!" As i was headed to the floor, i felt a quick, hot, breeze just above my head.

After the initial barrage of gunfire, we waited for awhile to get u p off of the floor. Eventually the cops showed up. My neighbor and I could both be easily dead.

The bullet grazed the top of my head.

I am talking now to a friend.

I think that I am in shock.

What a lovely thing to happen to someone with depression, anxiety dysorders, who\'s gf just broke up, who can\'t afford the bills, whatever.

People get tired of hearing me bitch…I know. Atleast people on FB.

But I could be dead. This just happened about 4 hours ago.

I don\'t feel safe at all, alone in my apartment. I want to get out of thiscity so bad.

you hear of thing happening like this. but until you are almost shot in the head, it doesn\'t really become real.








I am also adding pics of the holes that the bullet left to my gallery.

FUck…I was almost killed. Fu*K this shithole!!!


we can die in the blink of an eye. we need not waste our time.


  1. Brezzia 11 years ago

    That\'s terrible, and something no one should have to go through. You\'re alive though…you survived it. What crazy people..i\'m sorry it all happened.

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  2. sweetblueeyed 11 years ago

    im so sorry what happen to you today. god was on ur side..

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