It has been difficult to escape the madness that seems to be encircling our globe. With the recent riot in Tottenham over the police shooting ofMark Duggan, the mass murders in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik and anti-government protests in countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Greece, it can feel as if the world has gone mad! Even the United States of America seems to be imploding as the battle continues over how to stabilize the country from its economic meltdown. Worldwide legitimate peaceful protesters, political opportunists and angry anarchists are converging in the same arenas to have their message heard. Are we listening?

I’m having troubles listening over the screams, the flashing lights, breaking glass and fires in the streets. I can’t hear anyone’s point as they shout at each other or fully understand the merits of dogma that seems counter intuitive to land of the free and the home of the brave. I am picking up on a distinct negative energy that is associated with intense fear and an unwillingness to accept the necessity for change; as difficult as that change may be. I’m seeing people trying to continue to rest on the bosom that has fed them for so long without recognizing it can no longer sustain their appetite. So, I guess something is getting through … as convoluted as it may be.

There is a state of great crisis throughout the world that is predicated on the argument that only through violence, name-calling and even self destruction you will get what you want. That’s simply not so. It is as if the globe is spinning so fast that everyone is dizzy; they can’t quite get their bearings. With their focus blurred they are simply unable to determine what is right in front of them. There is vulnerability in this state that makes everyone susceptible to further government, financial and business mismanagement. Laying in the midst of all of this is mistrust and intolerance, each with their hands clasped around ankles in an effort to keep people on soiled ground.

Does anyone have the answers we need to improve relations, fix the debt, stop the violence, squash intolerance, rebuild justice and lead us to an agreeable route forward?

Is there a common denominator in all of this that has us running in circles?

Is there an antidote to this madness?

I wish I knew the answers.


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