Where were you?

When my heart was broken?

When my words unspoken,

Poured from my opened scars?

Where were you?

When the doors wide open,

Closed so tight,

With unbreakable glass?

When I was looking out,

At the world,

But nobody looked inside at me?

When I held to memories,

All I had left,

Nothing more to me,

But plenty more to see,

Watching the world as it carried on;

Oblivious to the place,

To which I had gone,

And now I’m here,

The four walls closing in,

Death, fear, loneliness and sin,

Now I lay,

Awaiting my fate,

Wondering when you’ll notice,

That it’s too late.

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  1. vampireangel23 13 years ago

    It's for a friend who was just sort of ignoring me, but my ex and I have just gotten talking and I think I'm falling in love all over agin, I miss him, this could be good or bad, probably bad with my luck

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