Just out of a nice hot bubble bath I decided to come visit the site, been some time that I did, and odd that I really dont have many friends that i can talk with on a regular basis. but oh well everyone is busy and have there own crap to deal with.  Today is the first Saturday I have had where I didnt have to run for the grand children or anyone else. so I just want to do what i want to do.  And that is nothing! Of course Ill have to eat soon getting hungry and the dog is fed so shes ok, and there are dishes to wash always…… and ooh the dreaded laundry! All this week my shoulder have hurt so bad as if someone ran over me with a truck. I felt I may have sprained my shoulders caring some luggage to the beach hotel two weekends ago, but not sure as it could have resulted from a number of things,  Kids, heavy baskets, or just about anything when you get this darn  old! The pain meds stopped working or at least it seems so,  the other poison I take is keeping me alive, but Im beginning to wonder  what the hell for?  MOre pain,  More problems, looking forward to being in a wheel chair,  oh heck  Im better off just going back to bed!  But I dont want to give up or give in.  I am a fighter and Im dam tired of fighting and I need some Love.  Yes that is what I want and need.  I been a widow now for over 20 yrs, and well its time to find me a man. Im not asking for much, I dont want your money, I dont want yout truck,  I just want U. and Me to have some old fashoned fun.  Go on a picnic, go camping, maybe eat a pizza together  and then who knows maybe even fall in lust or love, at this point either of the two sound pretty darn good! Ok here is what Id like in a man,.  He needs to have a smile sometimes, and he must have 10 fingers and 10 toes,  well if one is missing I wont cry  but hey it be nice to have them all.   I dont care what he looks like long as he is clean, and wants me….. and not the neighbor or the neighbors horse, hahahaaaaaa  Is there not anyone on this site in Florida that wants to go eat pizza, have fun and fall in lust??? If so contact me asap!  I need YOU! 


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