We said good bye to Paddy today all 300 of us in the crematorium ,manly young people in their 20 s all with tears in their eyes.My daughter flew in from denmark with her boyfriend ,and my son Paddys best friend was there .Paddy had a carbord coffin so people could write on it their farewells,and there was an open mike for anyone who wanted to say anything there was a lot of tears as well as laughter and clapping ,Paddy would have wanted it that way.

                                    Why did Paddy do such a final thing ,why did he not tell anyone ,we would all have listened and cared all of us would have done anything to have Paddy back with us ,that lovely boy so full of mischieff ,so full of life,so kind ,so gentle ,so sad .Why are we all so devestated at the loss of such a young life .

                                         I cryed all through the service ,which i dont usualy do ,but i did for Paddy because he was so young.I dont know if i am making sense of this but i had to tell you all that this is no way to go ,the people that are left have to live with the pain of what happened .If any of you are thinking of doing the same ,DONT the pain and suffering you leave behind is unemaginable .TAKE CARE

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  1. Junlew 13 years ago

    I am very sorry for you loss …

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