I’ve been keeping an eye on the beautiful moon lately. Today she is at First Quarter, a day for love and luck. I made moon water last night, and will make some tonight as well. I’m feeling a lot better today, though I don’t know what the cause is. Whatever it is, I’ll take it! I had a burst of energy when I walked to the store this morning, and consequently took my walk around the block. I hope this afternoon I’ll feel well enough to walk to the Marina Park. It’s quite lovely there but it takes me about 20-30 minutes to walk there. I’ve been enjoying drinking three cups of green tea per day to assist with weight loss. I never in my life would have thought I’d be overweight. I’ve always been as thin as a rail. I love green tea, and was so delighted to learn that three cups of green tea a day can help with weight loss. I also heard the same about bone broth. I drank some this week, despite my desire to be a vegetarian. I guess that makes me a flexitarian, but I’m 99% vegetarian. I just am so desperate to lose this belly that I’ll sacrifice my perfect vegetarian record. Anyway, I have run out of my spell candles, so I have had to use tealights.

Thursday is a day for money and prosperity spells, so I cast one today. I burned patchouli incense for bringing wealth. Today is also Veterans’ Day. I was hoping my husband would have it off, but he doesn’t. One of my friends has today off as a paid holiday. Oh well. I have made prosperity oil, and normally I would anoint my spell candle with it, but since I am using tealights, I simply anointed myself with the oil. It’s a combination of peppermint, patchouli and clove oils. I also have a prosperitea that I like to brew. It’s 1 tsp green tea, 1 tsp of alfalfa, and 4 leaves mint. I just ran out of my alfalfa, so I’ll drink my Moroccan mint tea with the same intention. I usually add solar water (water that has charged in the sun; I use blue glass) to prosperitea for energizing. I have some solar water out charging now.

I have a lot of different kinds of tea, but my goal just for today is to drink only green tea. I’ve already had four cups- one jasmine, and three decaf green. Now wait a minute… I can make a prosperitea, I have alfalfa-mint tea way in the back of my tea cabinet. I will just need to open up the tea bags into my strainer, and voila! Prosperitea. I think I’ll make some now. 🙂 Blessed Be and Amen.


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