So Funny story….. Well not really, but anyways so I am college student who lives in an apartment with me and my bestfriend/ roommate. When we first moved in this apartment I saw bugs, rodents, etc…. in my bathroom. I told my roommate about it because she didn’t have the “luxury” of seeing what I saw because she always was at work or had other things going on. I also told my landlord about it and he told me to take pictures every time I seen something, (which who does that when they’re in the middle of having an anxiety due to the fear of animals? Am I right?) Eventually he gave in an had an exterminator come into the house so I could tell him about my horrific experiences. The exterminator didn’t do much, but after he came there weren’t anymore problems. After having these problems I kept feeling like things were crawling in my clothes so I was scratch so bad, even though there was nothing there, I had no one to talk to until one day I started opening up about it to my grandmother and she told me to try different, lotions, soaps, washing detergents, etc… so I did and nothing worked. After this one day when me and my aunt were at my mom’s house she was telling me how when her anxiety gets bad she feels like bugs are crawling and biting at her and she said she has to use certain lotions to stop it and I told her I had been experiencing the same thing, but didn’t know what it was from. Moral of the story is Never give up because things will eventually get better, but you have to create healing methods for yourself in order for this to happen!


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