The news is it's usual happy self these days, between information leaks from to going after Associated Press to unfair targeting of political parties by the IRS, admittedly said parties are psychotic to begin with but still it's not right, my homeland is devolving into a polarized mass of bats**t crazy lunatics. I'm sick of this and the most distressing part is that it's not just in America but the whole world is just goin nuts. Hell HIV, while still majorly important, doesn't even seem that menacing compared to people just waiting for an excuse to kill one another off fguratively, politically, and in some cases literally.



I've come to this one singular conclusion… Screw being a human I'd rather be a cloud, that's pretty much the only thing on this planet I can come close to thinking of being genuinely free of malice. You can hope we'll get our act together as a species all you want, but the cruel truth of the matter is that we're so fundamentally messed up that nobody, in the collective senseof the word, pays enough attention to something important until the right person/people die prematurely. You'd think that it would be a simple matter of self interest that compels us to at least want to do better. I'm just not seeing it anywhere in enough numbers that inspres confidence. In rare moments there's a source of inspiration that makes you think we might still have hope, but I defy you to list a single time that that's happened and it wasn't followed within a day or two to something horrifying.



I'm not giving up on us just yet but we need to step it up. I've got no idea how we're going to pull that off, well I do have a few ideas but after a lot of thought all of the good ones aren't practical for us at the moment with where we are mentally. I wish I were smarter, maybe then somethign might come up as a solution but everyone's got there limits. The best of my ideas are as follows:


1: Try harder to be compassionate to everyone, not just those who have fallen on hard times.


2: Work hard, not to just get that promotion or buy the new BMW you've had your eye one but because you never know what people take inspiration from.


3: READ! Magazines, and the back of your dvd case don't count.


4: Try something new, it can be anything, write a poem, take a diferent route while jogging, just find a way to break the psychological conditioning of conformity that plenty of educational institutions have drilled into you. Getting into a routine is just as damaging as it is helpful in many cases.



That's all ladies and gents. I practice what I preach so this is my model for being a somewhat decent person. Feel free to add on or remove anything you want to that list. Heck you could print the screen turn this blog into a paper airplane and chuck it out the windiw if you want it'd be doing something different after all 😉


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