I see you’ve got the DVDs available for SICKO. This is good!  Maybe now you could give some thought to producing SICKO II. 

      Might I suggest that it would ‘zero in" on the pharmaceutical companies. They are the biggest bunch of liars in the whole medical world.  They haven’t cured one thing in the last 50 years, not even the common cold.  They make billions and billions of dollars each year by selling drugs that don’t work, other than give side-effects, and a lot of times, even kill the people who are taking them… 

       My research shows that over 80% of the diseases, that plague modern man, are caused by viruses.  The majority of these viruses, are in the persons body since birth,  {practically a complete complement of the viruses present in the ‘birth mothers’ body .  They also pick up a lot of other viruses thru normal life, such as, from other people, organ donation, blood transfusions , vaccinations, (such as Salk Polio vacine with the Simian virus40), and normal flu shot they are told to get every year, even though it never seems to be good for the current flu-species.

     As of 2002 there have been over 1500 different viruses belonging  to 56 different virus families that have been found in humans. 

     I have come up with an ‘all-natural virus killer treatment’ that kills viruses in the human body.  I have also killed the viruses that was causing depression in my body.

      My research shows that practically all mental diseases are caused by viruses in the brain, not ‘chemical imbalance’, and my treatment can kill these viruses in a 1 hour treatment. The damage to the human brain that has been caused by trauma, of coarse, is not affected by my treatment. 

    My treatment will also kill the viruses in the pancreas of a diabetic person.  Once the viruses are gone, the pancreas will tend to ‘heal itself’ the same as a broken bone, or other parts of the human body. 

     My treatment will not kill the viruses that ‘hide’ in the spinal column however.  HIV and HERPES viruses, just to name a few, ‘hide’ in the spinal column. 

     HIV drugs are costing up to $30,000.00 a year for some HIV= people     My  treatment would kill probably 90 % of the HIV viruses in a HIV+ persons body, so that their immune system is still 90 % effective, and could be kept 90 % effective by doing the treatment once a year.  If the treatment was to be done once a week, the chance of infecting another person thru unprotected sex would be about ‘one in a million’.        

     If you would consider doing SICKO II, with my information and ‘secret treatments’, and showing the public how they are done, I think we could both benefit.   Also, I would be willing to take a shot in the arm of BIRD FLU VIRUS, MRSA, HEPITITUS, ANTHRAX, or just about any number of viruses, as my treatment will kill the viruses in my body, before they kill me.   

    There was a lot of ‘scuttlebutt’ about SICKO showing some valid complaints, but NO solutions.  SICKO II could show valid complaints and solutions, that are very effective, and inexpensive.  yet could be purchased by just about anyone, locally.

      I believe that if 90% of the viruses in a persons body were wiped out, it would increase their life on earth by at least 10 years, and their life would be a lot happier and healthier. 

    And of course health care costs would take a real nose-dive…..

   My email is  [email protected]    or my cell is 612 381 7902  Thank you very much  for your time Mr Moore, I hope to hear from you soon…… Richard…

P.S.  I discontinued using the last cell phone as ‘they’ made me get a new sym card in it to enable ‘them’ to monitor my calls.  Thats not very nice……….


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