Well it has been a min since I have had a moment to sit and share with my felllow addicts of the tribe so here it goes……

     It has been a crazy last few weeks. And again the program of n a and the fellowship have saved my ass yet again. I went to a Macomb county avtivties event and my sponser threw me under the service bus. He nominated  for co-securtary and I was voted in. On top of that i was electected co GSR of my homegroup…. And on top of all that I have decided to do the workshop for the helpline which is in desperate need of support. Now one can imagine how this can keep one vary active. 

      Right well here is y I say N A has saved my life yet again. My mother has 4 different cancers and is not expected to be around much longer. And I am working real hard on that foundation I hear so much about. I am buring myself in the program so I dont have to face reality. I think and feel it is a good thing as well as a bad thing for doing so but yeah it is whats ultimately keep my ass from going n e where when the shit gets real deep with my mother. 

     Wow as i sit here righting this a thought come in and eyah it was weird and i think i need to get it out so it dont dance around……. This give me a new reason to be upset with my higher power.the song only the good die young fits my mother was a so called normal person she was a decent human being and yet my father was lost in addiction all mylife.and has done so much pure evil that u found it in ur heart to grace him with a normal end and u take my mother from me…. wow thats a fucked up thought…

    Ok now where was I,I have learned from experience that the fellowship of NA is really there for the one who seeks the help they may need to get through hard times. When I had  6 months clean and my uncle passed the fellowship was there for me like they new me for my whole life.. 

  So in short I am putting in a plan for the expected and not allowing the unexpected slow me down, and facing life n life's terms

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  1. michaelcali 12 years ago

    What a wonderful outlook you have, this is just another example of how it works when we follow the program and are willing to DO whatever it takes…Keep positive…Mike!!

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