Well I've got good news ~ only one weird dream last night! I was up wandering a little in the middle of the night but I was awake for it so that's okay. When I was a kid I'd freak my parents out because I slept walked everywhere. They were always afraid to leave me alone at night and go to bed themselves. Apparently though if a door was locked I wouldn't botherwith it, so getting outside wasn't a major problem. That only happened once. So anyhow my husband didn't get beat up last night, lol.

It's rainy here today which is fine with me because I'm not interested in being sweaty all day from the heat. Hard to believe it's been in the 80's most of the week. Hopefully it will stay in the low 70's today and tomorrow. I'm a little concerned because there's potential bad weather coming across the state this afternoon, but it's nothing new living here. I've seen more hurricanes, tropical storms, lightning storms and even tornados than I can bother counting. Although that's what I was dreaming about last night ~ tornadoes. They terrify me and have ever since I was a kid. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a mobile home ~ they don't withstand that kind of thing and it makes you petrified of those types of storms.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my day today. We're broke so I really can't go anywhere unless it's nearby. Maybe I should go to the library since it's only a couple of miles away. Or maybe I'll just lounge around here in my pj's for awhile and enjoy the weather. I love the rain when it's only for a day or so. Especially the sound of it hitting the roof and the awning over the porch. It's long bouts of rain that bring me down.

I wonder if I'm coming back up to another hypomanic phase. I'm feeling really chatty and want to go out…those are usually beginning signs to a hypomanic episode. Whatever, I'll just enjoy feeling decent today and see what comes of it. I'm tired of worrying about my emotions and where they're going. I can't really control that, but I CAN control how I deal with them. Maybe I'll play some violin. It's just me in the house today and it will afford me the privacy and quiet I need to think and concentrate. Yeah, that sounds like a plan! And it will be a good workout for my arms and back. Ha! Kill two birds with one stone.

Speaking of birds, there's a mourning dove sitting about a foot from me right now waiting for me to put birdseed out. I guess I better feed my "kids" and the wild ones too. I love mother nature ~ she makes me so happy.

Have a blessed day everyone ~ hope yours is beautiful! (((HUGS)))


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