It's been over a year since I was laid off and now, I am so depressed it's not even worth going over.

Since I've been off work, I have had to take care of both my elderly parents and I find my getting more and more depressed.

First off, they make too myuch to qualify for any assistance. I make nothing o i take odd jobs to have cash.

On a daily basis I am treated as if I am a bad person.

Today, for example, my mother at 7 a.m. decides that I made her miss a dental appt on Monday. Suddenly she is screaming at me and I am trying to tell her that she went. She decides she wants to call the police on me.

I sat for an hour while she berated me and accused me of all kinds of things.

This is a normal day at my house. I am forever finding myself literally hiding in a back office of the house to escape their wraith. I spent a;; my holidays in the office and I suspoect I will spend the majority of my life in the office.

He is 84 and she is 79 and slipping into demencia.

All I do id take a constant pounding from them.. How did my life ever come to this? I am the only one here who is available to care for them.

I have one friend who I see at night sometimes but even that is becomming harder as my mother has told her she is not welcome in the house and that she doesn't want me seeing her. The orther day, I went to a play and came home to find some of my stuff broken. My mother had thrown it into a wall.

Everytime I go with my friend to get a break, I am pounced on. I have no other friends left as they have grown tired of my parents and thair acting up. I go to dinner, I get called away. I tell them I am going out for a couple of hours, I get screamed at.

I don'y know what to do. My days are spent keeping track of bills that my father ran up to the point that lawyers are suing us, frequent doctor appointments, being berated all the time and  and just trying to get through without completely losing it.

I am so depressede and have found no help.I did not envision that my life would turn out like this. I wish i had the guts to take pills and go to sleep.











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