hai i know most of yall may wonder why i dont have a blog up well im going to explain.

When i was a young baby i lived with a drug adicted family my mom spent her time on the street sellin dope and having sex while my dad was steady drinking. 2 years went by and my oldest sister 14 or 15 (cant remeber) was shot with a pistle which my dad would keep in his pocket. Then it was jus me and my lil bro we suffered with bruises and ciggerette burns until one day we were takin to foster care I was in and out mostly cuz i was the most diffucult one turns out i got adopted and lived with my family. Well everything went smooth until about 6th grade, i began self harming i would steal razors from stores, take pencil razors from people and would cut i cut until i saw blood through my shirt sleeve or feel my pants stick to my legs. I hid it for a while until oneday soeone snitched and i had to go to a mental hospital 3 atleast thru out 6th grade SPOIL ALERT they didnt help. then 7th grade came and i was doing the same thing i was failing i was always depressed i didnt wanna be here, one day when i got home after school i attempted to hang myself  after spreading the death notes around my house but turns out i didnt make it tight enough so my mom walked in i was then sent to isolation for 14 months before comming home. To this day i still feel i got demons around me who want to kill me but im scared to leak a word of how i feel cuz im scared to seek the help. So ill stay with the pain until it drawns me away.

  1. wyinter 12 months ago

    I will always be here to help if you need it.
    You are never alone!

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  2. deadsoulx 12 months ago

    bruh this is so bad!! i’m so sorry. no one deserves to be treated that way , NO ONE!!
    honey , you are not alone , and please dont be scared to share these!! you can always have us – i am there with you – to support you !!
    love you xx

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